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Preview: ATI's All In Wonder 9700 PRO


Below are all the features of the All In Wonder 9700 PRO in detail.


  • Radio Frequency Remote
    The new remote control lets users control the entire PC now, not just the video functions. There is a mouse control interface, and several buttons are bound to certain functions and shortcuts. Since the unit now uses radio signals instead of infrared, a line of sight to the receiver is no longer required. Theoretically, this also makes it possible to control the PC from another room. The receiver connects to the PC through a USB interface. Another welcome change from the older AIW R8500 is that different channels can now be selected for the remote control unit, avoiding conflicts with other nearby AIW cards.
  • Theater 200 Chip
    The Theater 200 succeeds the Rage Theater chip as the video encoder of choice. It handles all video inputs and allows playback and capturing of video and audio signals. The chip incorporates 12 bit ADCs and a 2D comb filter.
  • TV-Out
    The integrated functionality of the Radeon 9700 GPU allows it to control the TV output. The TV-out functionality of the Theater 200 chip goes unused in this case.
  • SmartShader, Fullstream, SmoothVision 2.0, VideoSoap
    The video and 3D functions are identical to those of the standard Radeon 9700 PRO. More information here.
  • VideoSoap is a new addition, though. Its filters employ the R9700 chip's pixel shaders to reduce interference in TV signals when recording.