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Preview: ATI's All In Wonder 9700 PRO


  • TV-On Demand
    The card can tune and store up to 125 TV stations. Shows can be recorded and viewed later.
  • ThruView
    This mode makes the entire desktop and all applications transparent. The TV signal is then superimposed. A practical example would be working on an Excel spreadsheet while watching a TV show at the same time.
  • GEMSTAR Guide Plus+
    is a kind of digital TV guide with extensive search functions. A show can be selected for recording directly out of this program.
  • MultiMedia Center 8.0
    This is an application suite consisting of a DVD player, a VCD player, a CD player, and a TV viewer.

  • MulTView
    This feature is provided for users that also own a TV Wonder or TV Wonder VE video card in addition to the AIW 9700 PRO, allowing two independent TV signals to be displayed simultaneously (although separately, not on top of each other). Among other things, the software offers picture-in-picture functionality.