Preview: ATi Radeon 9100IGP (RS300) for Pentium 4

RS300 Northbridge

The Northbridge of the 9100IGP still goes by the code name RS300. Its functions in detail

  • AGP 8X support;
  • Dual-channel 128 bit memory support;
  • Flexible graphics frame buffer capability for up to 128 MB;
  • Up to 400 MHz DDR SDRAM support;
  • Advanced DVD playback features including iDCT and motion compensation;
  • Hydravision: multiple monitor support;
  • 10 bit DAC (digital to analog converter) TV-out;
  • Two pipelines;
  • 16X AF (anisotropic filtering);
  • 4X FSAA (full scene anti-aliasing);
  • Surroundview: feature that expands the internal graphics core of Radeon 9100 IGP and Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP to support up to three independent monitors when using a desktop add-in card, without disabling their internal graphics functionality;
  • Fullstream: a feature that uses advanced programmable pixel shading technology (V1.4) to reduce blocky artifacts from streaming video;
  • Powerplay: power management suite that allows Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP users to manage notebook battery life more efficiently (not available in desktop version).
Uwe Scheffel