Processor and Chipset Tables: How to Configure a CPU Correctly

Socket 370 - PPGA, FC-PGA, Celeron, Cyrix III And Pentium III

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CPU Tags
ARegarding Celeron 300A: Mendocino core instead of the older Convington core
BThose Pentium-III processors operate at 133 MHz Front Side Bus
EStands for 0.18 micron process and full speed cache
PRProcessor Rating used for Cyrix III. PR estimates the actual CPU speed in the field of 2D applications in comparison to typical 'MHz' CPUs.
Note:The CPU clock is different from the P Rating! In 3D applications this rating is not valid anymore.
CPGACeramic Pin Grid Array
FC-PGAFlip Chip Pin Grid Array
PPGAPlastic Pin Grid ArrayCeleron 300A to 533 comes in PPGA, from Celeron 566 in FC-PGA
Socket 370 (or PGA370)370-pin socket mechanically suitable for Celeron, Pentium III and Cyrix III
NoteOlder socket-370 motherboards have problems with Pentium IIIs and Celerons. They do not work if they don't support lower core voltages (1.65 instead of 2.0V). Furthermore, the new pin assignments have to be supported.
Mendocino/CoppermineL2 cache is incorporated on die und runs at full speed. On all other Slot-1 CPUs the L2 cache runs at half speed.