Progressive Housing: gTower Aluminum Case From American Media Systems

Quality Criteria For Computer Cases

Design & Handling

When we talk about design here, we don't mean design or layout issues, but rather the features that faciliate handling and other detail solutions. We want to see smart ideas like removable drive frames or motherboard shuttles. The latter is a big metal plate that can be removed easily, carrying the motherboard plus all expansion cards. Good design also includes spaces for fans.

Handling describes the simplicity of all features. How good is the implementation of feature ideas? Can locks be opened easily? Can you remove side covers or is it more difficult to get access to the inside?


A case that is well processed shuts plainly and clean. Components do not cant, and edges are either smoothed or rounded, so that the risk of injury is minimal. In addition, a case should be solid without being too heavy. Broken plastic parts belong to the category "bad quality".


Here, we are talking about classic features. How many 5.25" bays are available? With 3.5" bays, you should distinguish between open bays (for floppy or ZIP drives) and bays that can only be used for hard drives. Please also think about places where you can put fans. Three or four are ideal, do not be content with only two.


Last but not least the appearance plays an important role for most of us.