Progressive Housing: gTower Aluminum Case From American Media Systems

A Nice Guy With An Aluminum Suit: The GTower, Continued

The drive rack is also made of aluminum and thus is very light.

This case uses screws with huge bolt heads, so that you don't require a screwdriver.

Conclusion: It's Extravagant For Now, But Could Be Standard Soon!

Aluminum as the basic material for computer cases impressed us profoundly. It's very light and thermally much more advantageous than steel products, making it very suitable as an integrated hard drive cooler, too. However, the price of aluminum speaks against the purchase of such a case and converts the gTower into a status symbol.

The CF-1006 alias 'gTower' has several very intersting features - but none of them are restricted to this particular housing or to cases that use aluminum as a basic material. Removable drive frames are a must with any high-quality case and the great connectivity at the front is also no real innovation. We liked the huge, low-rotation system fan which can be called a consequent realisation of the wish for low-noise systems.

No question, the gTower currently is a very attractive housing. However, $179 is not a bargain, as the practical advantages of aluminum do not justify the higher cost of the case.

Freaks and users with big budgets will get a very cool housing which more than meets the standard of their rigged high-end machines. Let me compare it with a sports car: Spoilers will not make your car any faster, but they might improve the aerodynamics and raise the quality rating of the car. So, by all means go for an aluminum case, and have a good trip! Just remember, it's a luxury package.

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