Soon At Tom's Hardware: Full-Scale Power Supply Testing

Test Criteria

Often overlooked, the power supply unit (PSU) plays a crucial role in supplying the PC with stable and sufficient power. Whether you only need a 300W PSU for a modest small form factor box or a 1,200W model for a gaming juggernaut, the quality of your power supply will not only affect the system's performance, but also its longevity.

Bad power can mean early failures...and there are plenty of bad PSUs out there waiting for the unwary. This is why we felt it necessary to start testing PSUs in order for our readers to make better component decisions.

Test equipment plays an important role when evaluating power supplies though, which is why it's such a difficult job to do properly. Only with the help of highly precise measurement instruments can we document the differences between comparable models in an objective and reproducible way. Tom's Hardware performs all of these tests in professional labs, just like the ones found in PSU manufacturing facilities, where we get access to equipment from Chroma. For those new to this space, Chroma is the de facto vendor of PSU testing equipment.

When testing, we measure the following details:

  • Standby power consumption at 230V
  • Inrush current at 115V and 230V
  • Energy efficiency at 20, 50, and 100% of the stated maximum sustained load at 115V and 230V (according to the 80 PLUS consortium's certification)
  • Energy efficiency at 25W, 50W, 85W, 300W, and 500W of power draw at 115V and 230V
  • Hold Up Time after losing power input at 115V and 230V
  • 12V rail overload test at 110% of the specified maximum sustained load
  • Short circuit test at 115V and 230V
  • Measurement of the temperature difference between intake and exhaust air (maximum delta) at 115V and 230V

In addition to the above mentioned values, Tom's Hardware also takes into account the ergonomics of the PSU and its accessories. This includes features like the the length and design of the cables, cable modularity, and any useful accessories. All important technical data will be presented in a table.

  • Gamer-girl
    Is it possible to include sound levels in decibels?
  • JonnyDough
    I second what gamer-girl said, and although this is exciting I'm still awaiting the Graphics Comparison Charts! I realize this is more of an IT website, but these days everyone's a gamer of some type! Long live PC gaming!
  • baracubra
    Wow, great idea and article! This will be a huge help and I'm glad u guys took the time and effort to put this together! Long live TH!
  • take the good ideas from some other nice psu reviewers
  • joytech22
    I hope they do a large comparison, i want to see how my Antec TPQ 1Kw stacks up to some of the other manufactures.
  • baracubra
    Btw, how much did all this eqipment cost TH??
  • This is great news. On a related note do you guys not do LCD monitor testing anymore?
  • gege
    take the good ideas from some other nice psu reviewers
  • liquidsnake718
    Bravo, good choice for a new section as more consumers and buyers should be aware of the power supplies and the quality/preformance that they offer us. I myself am about to change my older PSU and will be waiting to read the first comparisons. The problem is, which ones will you choose and every month will you have a power category? For example all the 500-600watts, then following the 700-800, 1000w onwards, ect.

    You might even succeed in killing off generic psu's or at least make more ppl buy 80 plus or 80plus bronze psu's....
  • Henry Chinaski
    It's a very good news. Another qualified reviewer is always welcome.