ATI Radeon HD 5670: DirectX 11 For $99

Overclocking And Eyefinity

Let's start with overclocking. We used only the most basic overclocking method for this review: the Overdrive settings within the Catalyst Control Center.

Our reference model didn't complain in the slightest when pushed to the highest allowable settings: 850 MHz core and 1050 MHz memory. This resulted in a respectable 75 and 50 MHz overclock, respectively:

To test the effectiveness of this overclock we benchmarked the card at 1920x1200 in two of our staple titles, Far Cry 2 and Crysis:

As you can see, the overclock resulted in an impressive performance increase in Crysis at the 1920x1200 resolution, and a small (but recordable) increase in Far Cry 2. This plus the fact that the Radeon HD 5670 reached its maximum allowable overclock so easily gives us good reason to wonder what the card could accomplish with some serious overclocking tools and voltage tweaks.

As for Eyefinity, we wanted to see how well the Radeon HD 5670 would work at AMD's suggested 4800x900 (three monitors running 1600x900) resolution. Unfortunately, without a DisplayPort monitor or adapter for the card's third output, we had to try something a little different. Since 4800x900 is about a 4.3 million pixel workload, we created a similar 4.6 million pixel workload using two monitors and a 3840x1200 resolution.

While Crysis didn't offer us a 3840x1200 resolution option (we could have forced it through some trickery, but we were pressed for time) Far Cry 2 did. Here are the results of running Far Cry 2 at this setting compared to 1920x1200:

As you can see, pushing pixels at this unholy resolution is not something that the Radeon HD 5670 is well suited for, but it did yield a 30 fps average. It's possible that lowering details or playing a less demanding game would provide better results, but if triple-monitor gaming is your desire, we heartily recommend moving up to a more powerful Radeon HD 5700- or 5800-series model, at the very least.

  • amdfangirl
    4800x900? Are you serious?

    Otherwise, great review. Just curious, are you going to make Flash 10.1 playback a benchmark? I'm just interested.
  • amdfangirl
    Oh yes, could you add the hierarchy chart and show where the HD 5670 fits in?
  • stridervm
    I wish there was a Radeon 4850 in the comparison chart for.... Comparison....
  • noob2222
    If it weren't for the 4770, this would be priced decently, at the same price it kills the 240. If they were to lower the price to $80 for the 5670, the 240 would get the dumb buy of the year award. IMO $90 would be about right, $80 is definatly too cheap.

    Here it will have to compete against the similarly-performing $80 GeForce 9600 GT

    ... wrong. it won crysis, was close in far cry2 and Hawx. It was slaughtered in the rest of the games by the 5670.

  • notty22
    ..................Radeon HD 5670 Radeon HD 4770
    Shader Processors 400 640
    Texture Units: 20 32

    Color ROPs: 8 16

    Those numbers against the 4770 show, a crippled card. Is this to leave something in the cupboard for the next generation ?
    Just meh, no reason for this card to exist at all.

  • belial2k
    I think the points made here about the pricing could be made about the entire 5xxx series. At no point in the entire line is there a GOOD value. Everything can be beaten in price/ performance by previous generation cards or combination of cards...even the 5870 loses badly to two 4890s for less money. The only thing they have going for them is DX11 and eyefinity, which for most gamers are rather questionable "value" adds because of the huge hit DX11 gives framerates and the 3 monitors needed for eyefinity. All these cards need to come down in price before they become smart price/performance buys.
  • duckmanx88
    notty22Just meh, no reason for this card to exist at all.
    low price point, low power consumption, and extremely close to the 9800GT in performance. Plenty of reasons to like this card. especially for a casual Sims or Torchlight gamer.
  • cleeve
    noob2222It was slaughtered in the rest of the games by the 5670.
    "Slaughtered". +1 for hyperbole!
  • noob2222
    Cleeve"Slaughtered". +1 for hyperbole!What would you call 12-20% faster across the board?
    oh, right, "similar" noting like the pot calling the kettle black huh.
  • Otus
    4850 and 4770 will be out soon and prices for what units are left will probably rise in price. There's probably room for price cuts for 5670 at a