Raijintek Pallas Compact CPU Cooler Review: Budget Air for HTPC, Mini-PC

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Testing Results & Conclusion

We retain the hardware configuration from our past compact cooler reviews while comparing the Pallas to its compact downdraft-style rivals, the RC-1001 Brontes, Shadow Rock LP, and NH-L12.

Comparison Products

As always, we maintained the ambient temperature of the test at 26°C (78.8°F) and recorded the noise levels 0.25m from the case’s front corner on the side that opens, then corrected them to the 1m industry standard by subtracting 12 decibels.

Test Results

Despite its wide dimensions, the Pallas still comes up as the hottest cooler in today’s test. That said, hot is relative, and even after several hours at full load, temperatures still didn’t rise much higher than 80°C on any of the coolers in the chart.

It seems the Pallas’ slow fan speed, coupled with its thin fan, may be to blame for its higher temperatures. All other coolers in the chart make use of either full-size fans or faster fan speeds to keep their cool.

Oddly enough, it seems even with a thinner fan than most of the other coolers, the Pallas’ slow fan speed doesn’t translate to less overall noise.

A higher temperature-to-noise ratio causes the Pallas’ to fall to last place in our efficiency benchmark versus its competitors here.

In reality, even with the wide disparity in the efficiency chart, the performance of all of the coolers in today’s test is close enough that the Pallas’ slightly lower price gives it second-place value here despite its last-place performance.

The Pallas’ 68mm height makes it the second-shortest cooler in today’s test, and the "close enough to the competition" performance makes it a viable option for builders looking for a cheap compact cooler for an HTPC or compact gaming rig. Still, the clearance issues that accompany its wide footprint make the Pallas less appealing when you consider that better-performing and more compact options are out there.

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  • JoeMomma
    I'm curious if the Pallas would perform better with a better, full thickness fan like a be quiet! or Noctua?
  • dudmont
    20870340 said:
    I'm curious if the Pallas would perform better with a better, full thickness fan like a be quiet! or Noctua?

    I, for one think a Noctua A-14 PWM would certainly improve the performance, but it would also substantially increase the price, unless you had one lieing around collecting dust.... I'm betting an A-14 would also be a touch quieter.
    But there is an interesting question that's tangentially raised by your question, and that is, does the heatsink need more air movement? Is there more performance that a better fan would extract?
  • Flying-Q
    I'm still glad I bought a Shadow Rock LP last year. I don't mind paying more for the right product.
  • Co BIY
    Does the larger fan better cool board components that might be too warm in a tight case ?

    I like thin towers for compact cases and it seems that this fan would work well for that use.
  • jacktest94
    great article, I'm planning to upgradea