Reeven NAIA 240 Closed-Loop CPU Cooler Review

Early Verdict

The Reeven NAIA 240 liquid cooler does things a bit differently than most of the AIO coolers available in the marketplace today, and that’s a good thing. It appeals to those who want very silent PC operation and just enough color to make a statement without overstating it.


  • +

    Silent Operation

  • +

    Simple installation and setup

  • +

    Inclusion of 24 pin ATX ‘jumper’ to allow leak testing


  • -

    Diminished cooling potential from slower, quieter fans

  • -

    Two points of coolant access could result in unwanted leaks if not properly sealed

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Features & Specifications

As the closed-loop, all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling landscape continues its explosion, we’re seeing models with LED and RGB fans as well as pumps with integrated lighting and custom controller software. It's often assumed, though, that buyers shouldn't need to perform coolant maintenance during the warranted lifespan of the unit. Enter the Reeven NAIA 240 liquid cooling system as a direct challenge to this perception.


At first glance, the retail packaging and cooler design resembles a typical closed-loop, AIO liquid cooler, but brief pump unit examination reveals a plated rap on the side with knurled grip. Another atypical component is the 24-pin ATX jumper block with 12V pump lead, which allows the installer to leak test the cooler using a PC power supply that’s been disconnected from other PC components. This is unusual for a boxed AIO cooler, but it's typical for open-loop, water-cooling kits. This part is usually a separate $5.00 accessory, so its inclusion is impressive.

Because the pump top is clear plastic and lends a view of the coolant and pump impeller, Reeven has provided the ability to top up coolant levels or add red, yellow, or blue dyes to match customized color schemes. The Reeven NAIA 240 uses white LED lighting within the pump to illuminate the reservoir chamber when the unit is powered on. You also get a 100ml bottle of clear, NAIA-branded propylene glycol coolant for top ups. The label states it's good down to -5°C (23°F).

The Reeven NAIA uses a radiator of 2x120mm fan design. The included 120x25mm fans are of plain, and the product website lists airflow up to 90.28 CFM. We will be testing the cooler with these fans in push orientation to move air through the radiator and out of the top vents of our Corsair Graphite 760T case.


Paint on the radiator is a semi-gloss black, and the unit sports an average fold-per-inch fin density and a radiator fill port on the tank opposite the tubing I/O ports. This is presumably to help purge unnecessary air and to assist in filling the unit, if you so choose.

Ribbed, glossy black tubing mates via 90° rotating fittings at the plastic pump unit, while connections at the radiator are fixed and do not allow any movement. While tubing is rigid and incompressible, it does provide decent flexibility for mounting the cooler.

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Garrett Carver
CPU Cooling Reviewer

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