Review: 20" LCD S-IPS Panels

Philips 200P4: Colors, Continued

DeltaE with factory settings (203 cd/m².)

If we consider colors with DeltaE of less than 3 as acceptable, this results in a color percentage of 93% of well-rendered colors.

Our more demanding readers will realize this means that 89% of the colors (DeltaE < 2) are adequately displayed and 85% (DeltaE < 1) are perfect.

The 7% darkest colors (DeltaE > 3) come out poorly or are even impossible to display on this monitor.

This is a good result but not an exceptional one, given the positioning of the monitor. When you think it is designed mainly for graphic artists, it is surprising to note (something confirmed by the eye) that the black is so poorly rendered. On the other hand, the quantity of values at DeltaE = 1 is far higher than average, but these are always medium or pale shades.

DeltaE at 110 cd/m²

At 110 cd/m², the results are no better. You might have thought that reducing the brightness would make the blacks darker, but that isn't so. At DeltaE < 3, the ratio of well-rendered colors is 92%. At DeltaE < 2 it is 88% and at DeltaE < 1 it is 27%.