San Base: Computer Graphics Avant-Garde

Details... Details... Details!!!

Below are two images of finished works and two images of extruded sections from each. The first is an example of a style using futuristic looking composition. It uses a checkered floor with waves and strong solid contrasts, with an amazing level of detail between each of the contrasts.

Courtesy: San Base

The detailed image below shows a section from the first vertical structure. Here it is easy to see that the checker pattern at the top of the first structure is extended out from the canvas. Notice the use of a shader to generate brush strokes and shadows. It appears as if there is paint on a canvas. It is amazing to think that the images we are showing are low detail compared to the 80-100 MPixel final prints.

Courtesy: San Base

The next composition San Base calls "Bucket of Paint," and rightly so. At a distance, the colors seem to swirl and ripple as if you were looking into a machine that is mixing paint. This style is very impressive, as the blending of colors as well as quasi-physics of fluids looks surreal.

Courtesy: San Base

Moving into the detailed section from the finished work, you can see the depth of the layers. If you click on the images you will see a lot more detail. The interesting thing about this generative art is the use of dynamics. We were told that when creating this composition, the change from one image to the next sequential step actually makes the display screen ebb and flow.

Courtesy: San Base
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