Going the SAS Storage Way

3.5" SAS Hard Drives

Fujitsu MAX3147RC

MAX is Fujitsu's current high-performance 15,000 RPM hard drive family, so the product family name is appropriate. In contrast to the 2.5" models, the performance drives come with a whopping 16 MB cache and short seek times of 3.3 ms for average read seeks and 3.8 ms for the write seek procedure. Fujitsu has 36.7 GB, 73.4 GB and 146 GB versions of this drive, with one, two and four platters.

Fluid dynamic bearings have been deployed to enterprise hard drives as well, so this model runs noticeably quieter than earlier-generation 15k hard drives. Still these drives should never be operated without proper ventilation, which hard drive enclosures usually offer.

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