Going the SAS Storage Way

Hitachi UltraStar 15K147 SAS (HUS151414VLS300)

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies hasits own enterprise drive for high-performance environments. The UltraStar 15K147 runs at 15,000 RPM and comes with 16 MB cache like the Fujitsu drives , but it has different platter configurations. The 36.7 GB model uses two rather than one platter, and the 73.4 GB drive has three rather than two. Although this indicates a lower data density, the design, in fact, avoids the use of the inner, slower area of the magnetic platters. As a result, the distance that the heads have to cover may be smaller, which can result in better average access time.

Hitachi also has 36.7 GB; 73.4 GB and 147 GB models with a purported read seek time of 3.7 ms for all models.