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The Secret Sauces of THG's LCD Tests

Countermanding Orders

After having studied the way in which overdrive is being exploited, the establishment of a new measure evaluating the quality of the overdrive appears to us to be an absolute necessity. We're going to be able to assess, therefore, whether the response of the pixel is excessive in the way it overshoots the color we've effectively asked for.

In this example, for instance, the overshoot is of the order of two images.

For screens with overdrive, we will point out, from now on, the worst case we encounter in the course of our latency measurements; i.e. by reference to the number of images we have to tolerate above 110% of the value required before we obtain what we want. For more clarity, we will match this measurement to a color code.

  • Green if the overshoot is between 0 and 0.5 images
  • Orange between 0 and one image
  • Red beyond one image

It's simple enough to understand and in the end provides a quick indication of the quality of the implementation of overdrive.