High-Security Flash Storage

Corsair Flash Survivor 32 GB

This memory stick is different from most of the other products on the market. Typically, a USB Flash memory stick is made of plastic and comes with a plastic cap or with a sliding mechanism to protect the USB connector. Some have an activity LED, while others are designed with a focus on size reduction. The Flash Survivor, however, is made of a tubular aluminum housing, which you have to screw the memory device into. The result is a very rigid structure, additionally protected by rubber on both ends. Thanks to the screw plug, this memory stick really is waterproof and has an EPDM waterproof seal.

Consequently, this memory stick is much larger than most of the other products (although the memory stick by itself is rather compact). Be aware that you will have to unscrew the device before you can use it, which may take a few seconds. And remember that the stick is rather heavy at a net weight of 40 g. And despite the air locked inside when screwed shut, the device does not float.

The capacity of 32 GB is as much as you can expect from an average flash SSD in high-performance notebooks, and it is certainly enough to store all of your personal data with the exception of huge audio or video file collections. Most users will at least be able to store personal files, which may even include photos. There are versions with 16, 8 and 4 GB available as well.

Corsair bundles the drive with a USB extension cord for easy attachment to PCs, as well as with a dog tag, which can be used to carry it around your neck. We don’t think this is a comfortable way to bring the device with you wherever you go, but at least it will be harder to lose it when you carry it.

Waterproof ?

We wanted to test Corsair’s claims about water resistance and sunk the drive in a sink filled with water for an entire night. When we took it out of the water the next morning, we dried it, opened the screw plug and inserted the stick into a PC’s USB port. As expected, no water had seeped into the device, which means that you can accidentally drop it into your beverage without being afraid of losing your data.