High-Security Flash Storage

TrueCrypt 4.3a Software

Corsair pre-installs the TrueCrypt encryption software onto the Flash Survivor drives to encrypt the entire medium or to create an encrypted container file, where you can keep your data safe. Pick a long password, preferably more than 12-15 digits, so it can withstand brute force attacks. We tried the software and created a 1 GB container file, which TrueCrypt encrypts using the AES algorithm. This is safe enough for home users.

Access to the encrypted container file is entirely transparent to the user. The only way to find out that your data is being encrypted or decrypted is by looking at the task manager, which will display increased processor activity. While TrueCrypt has to be installed on your PC if you want to access the encrypted container file, you can also use the "travel" option. This way, TrueCrypt will install four additional files on the regular storage partition and add a startup entry if wanted. Windows will then automatically map the drive on your computer after you have entered your password to unlock it.

TrueCrypt is not limited to Corsair products, as it is OpenSource software that is available for free at www.truecrypt.org. But by combining the rigid Flash Survivor with encryption, Corsair combines physical security with data security in a simple way.