VIA In Shape: 6 Motherboards using the renewed KT133A Chipset

Soltek SL75KAV-X

Board Revision : k.A.

BIOS Version : Q4 (13.11.2000)

Soltek’s motherboard comes with an excellent CPU protection function : If the CPU-fan header remains unattached, the system will automatically shut down after approximately two seconds.

The box contains a manual, a driver disc and two flat cables. There is also an adapter supplied for the second COM port. As the motherboard design allows the usage of a chipset with integrated graphics, the place for the second COM connector has been left empty (like it is on the test motherboard).

The hardware equipment looks complete : You will get five PCI slots, one ISA, one AGP Pro (AGP 4x), three DIMM sockets and two IDE ports for up to four UltraATA/100 devices. Soltek also provides an AC97 sound system as well as three fan headers for proper system cooling.

Two DIP blocks configure the processor. The first block for choosing the multiplier, the second for the FSB clock (100, 103, 105, 110, 133 MHz). Don’t forget that the L1-bridges on top of the AMD-processors need to be closed before you can make multiplier adjustments.

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Memory testsResult
Crucial/Micron 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Corsair 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Wichmann Workx 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Viking 128 MB PC133 CL3 (8 Chips)ok
Mushkin 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Memory Solution 128 MB PC133 CL3ok