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VIA In Shape: 6 Motherboards using the renewed KT133A Chipset


Board Revision : 1.2

BIOS Version : 24.11.2000

Azza’s KT3ABX is still a prototype motherboard. However, we did not face any difficulties during the tests. Performance and stability were good. The compact motherboard features five PCI slots, one ISA, AMR slot, AGP 4x, two UltraATA/100 IDE ports, two fan headers and four USB ports. Unfortunately, you have to try to get an adapter yourself if you want to use the ports 3 and 4.

Azza includes a bonus software pack, which consists of Mandrake Linux and Star Office, an attractive alternative to Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Office Suite. Its only real weakness is the fact that it is not widely used.

Jumper JP8 defines if you are running 100 MHz or 133 MHz FSB. There are some prints on the board describing dipswitch settings of Dipswitches we could not find. Instead of that, you may set everything in the BIOS.

Memory testsResult
Crucial/Micron 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Corsair 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Wichmann Workx 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Viking 128 MB PC133 CL3ok
Mushkin 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Memory Solution 128 MB PC133 CL3ok