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VIA In Shape: 6 Motherboards using the renewed KT133A Chipset


Board Revision : B2

BIOS Version : 18.11.2000

This motherboard will not be available on the market, as DFI decided to design a completely new product. It was still included into this test for comparison reasons.

The package contains flat cables, manual and a CD, and the hardware equipment looks as follows : Five PCI slots, one ISA, three DIMM sockets and two ATA/100 ports. Again we found an AMR slot on this motherboard. The three line-in connectors of the AC97 sound system surround it.

Just as with Azza’s motherboard you have to set the FSB clock with a jumper (JP10). There is no way to alter the multiplier on this motherboard. Still you may alter the CPU core voltage in the BIOS. Several clock speeds up to 166 MHz can be chosen.

DFI is the only company, which integrated a BIOS item to activate or disable ECC support.

Memory testsResult
Crucial/Micron 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Corsair 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Wichmann Workx 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Viking 128 MB PC133 CL3ok
Mushkin 128 MB PC133 CL2ok
Memory Solution 128 MB PC133 CL3ok