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VIA In Shape: 6 Motherboards using the renewed KT133A Chipset

SPECviewperf 6.1.2: Data Explorer

Here you can see a clear split between 'upper class' and 'lower class' if you wish. The products from Asus, Azza and Epox are dominating; ABit is not able to keep its pace this time. Some people say that even a 2nd place is a loser's place. That might be a too rigorous judgment, since none of those boards performs badly. Still the AK74AC and Soltek's SL75KAV-X are a tad behind.

SPECviewperf 6.1.2: Lightscape

Again we have a similar scene as with the Data Explorer. Asus, Epox and Azza are moving slightly ahead. Soltek and DFI are playing rearguard, while the ABit board fills the gap between those two parties.