Sky's the Limit Video Editing: Pinnacle Studio 9


We still have to mention aspects of the program where nothing has been done. I have already mentioned the ergonomics of the user interface. Although it's been improved, it is still not clear enough. Besides that, working directly in the timeline is sometimes a little rough. For instance, it is difficult to use the mouse to change the volume in long sequences consisting of many clips. Even in Version 8, DVD authoring while creating menus was ergonomically not well thought out. Nothing was changed for Version 9, and that in itself is annoying. When you are ready to create a menu - a nice thing when you want to use the DVD - the interface is very vague and is similar to that of a very non-intuitive illustration software package. For example, you'll need patience to put one of your own photos in a starting position. I advise you not to waste too much time on it and to use the ready-made menus with as few changes as possible. Unhappily, however, there are not many of them, and some of them are very antiquated. You could possibly create one yourself that you might even like and use it repeatedly in order to justify the time spent.