Sky's the Limit Video Editing: Pinnacle Studio 9

Fewer Crashes?

Studio is a video-editing program for amateur video filmmakers who want to edit their films on a PC without having to undergo years of training. Pinnacle seeks to offer a simple-to-operate software package that allows intuitive menu navigation without sacrificing any important functions.

The Pinnacle Studio software package also sees frequent use by amateur filmmakers largely because it is bundled with almost every video editing product commercially available today. With Studio 9, Pinnacle looks to also offer a long-overdue revamp of its video editing software interface in addition to expanded hardware support.

Studio 8 had the annoying habit of crashing frequently. A ton of updates and patches were required just to give the system some stability. Usually the system crashed when films were longer than 30 minutes, photos were inserted or the soundtrack was edited. Moreover, the interface was no longer state-of-the-art. For example, there was no full-picture function. Studio 9 now has additional functions, including support for the home theater format.

While this article only contains a brief introduction of the software's features, the focus is on the updates and practical tests. We also offer an overview of the hardware with which Studio 9 is packaged.