Sky's the Limit Video Editing: Pinnacle Studio 9

Studio AV/DV Deluxe Version 9

This solution has the same basic equipment as Studio AV/DV. In addition, you get an external connector box that is connected to the PCI card and can be set on the desk. In it are all analog video connectors (Cinch, S-Video), as well as the connectors for sound, which goes directly through this card (Stereo Cinch). What's more, there is also a package with effects and transitions, the Hollywood FX Plus: It is a question of your preferences and needs, but it is too bad that the very practical analog connectors are linked to the effects. It is not absolutely necessary for them to be.

Studio MovieBox USB

This external device offers analog video without making it necessary to open up the computer. You can connect it through a USB connector to the computer. The PC should be equipped with USB 2.0, because otherwise the low data rate cuts down on the quality of the video (MPEG-1). With USB 2.0 you can record MPEG-2 PAL with up to 12 MBit/s. This solution targets users who film in analog and then would like to record their film on analog media afterwards as well. The metal case is very elegant and will not clash with the decor on the desk. The MovieBox USB is a product especially for analog video, and it allows you to get maximum quality.

Studio MovieBox DV

This is the complete external package. It assumes that the PC is equipped with FireWire, because that is what the device connects with. This gives the user all analog and digital input and output within arm's reach on the desk: Video-Cinch, S-Video, Audio-Cinch and FireWire. MovieBox DV is not for beginners of for mobile use. If it's within the budget, and even if a FireWire card has to be installed first, it is the smartest solution for anyone who regularly edits videos. It is extraordinarily practical to have all analog and digital inputs and outputs neatly set up on your desk. The investment is only worth making, however, if you have a use for the analog ones. Otherwise a FireWire extension cable will do the same thing. The video in/out quality is good. In analog mode, you can transfer MPEG-2 PAL up to 8.2 MBit/s.

Studio MovieBox Deluxe

For anyone who has USB but no FireWire, Pinnacle will offer a similar solution for USB 2.0 starting in March. The external device is meant only for PCs with high-speed USB and can transmit analog and digital Videos in both directions. We will have to wait until the performance tests with DV to find out whether USB 2.0 is better than FireWire.