SOLANO Preview - Once Intel Makes Sense ...

Feature Overview

We tried to create a short overview table to compare Solano with its current competitors.

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ChipsetIntel 440BXIntel 815Intel 820Intel 840VIA Apollo Pro 133A
LaunchApril 1998June 2000November 1999October 1999November 1999
CPU PlatformSlot 1/Socket 370Socket 370Slot 1/Socket 370Slot 1/Socket 370Slot 1/Socket 370
Front Side Bus Clock (FSB)66/100/133* MHz66/100/133 MHz66**/100/133 MHz100**/133 MHz66/100/133 MHz
Memory Clock66/100/133 MHz66/100/133 MHz66**/100/133 MHz100**/133 MHz66/100/133 MHz
Asynchronous Memory Clock?NoProbablyNoNoYes
33 MHz PCI at 133 MHz FSB?YesYesYesYesYes
66 MHz AGP at 133 MHz FS1B?NoYesYesYesYes
Maximal DIMM/RIMM Slots43244
Maximal Memory1024 MB512 MB1024 MB2048 MB1024 MB
VC SDRAM SupportNoNoNoNoYes
RDRAM Support (Rambus)NoNoYesYesNo
Number of Rambus ChannelsN/AN/A12N/A
ATA StandardATA33ATA66/100***ATA66/100***ATA66/100***ATA66
max. number of PCI-Masters66666
integrated 3D GraphicsNoYesNoNoNo
AGP Speed2X4X4X4X4X

* overclocked** not officially supported*** ATA100 Support with ICH2 (makes 815/820/840 to 815E/820E/840E)