SOLANO Preview - Once Intel Makes Sense ...


Once Intel Makes Sense ... The Competition Has Reasons To Get Frightened

How long has it been since Intel could prove this point? Well, Intel showed its competence when they proved last year that they could produce an excellent processor even out of the 7-year old P6-design with the release of 'Coppermine' to successfully compete against archenemy AMD and their Athlon CPU. However, since Coppermine's release people were either suffering in silence or loudly complaining about Intel's lack of sense when it came down to a platform for the latest Pentium III processor.

Sometimes Intel has strange ways of doing business. Instead of giving the poor public what it wants, Intel decided that it will bless us, or rather try to force us, into using platforms that are supposed to work with Rambus' RDRAM memory. Besides the fact that the performance of this memory was never able to live up to the largest hype campaign in the history of computers, it is also super expensive and therefore neither worth consideration, nor worth the money you hopefully never paid for it. Basically Intel launched a very good processor and garnished it with chipsets that require memory that nobody wants and that nobody can afford.