More Speed = More Performance? Fast DDR Memory from TwinMOS and Buffalo Technology Put to the Test

Sunshine Over Corsair, Clouds Over Crucial

Our reference module : DDR400 from Corsair. Even at 400 MHz, a short CAS latency of two clock cycles will work.

Corsair is still one of the very few suppliers of CL2 memory that go beyond the 200 MHz mark. The latest chips even allow DDR433 (217 MHz) in this top-speed mode.

Crucial is best known as the distributor of high-quality memory made by the well-known manufacturer Micron. This time Samsung chips are used.

For the uninitiated, the nomenclature Samsung uses for its memory chips is not easy to grasp.

Just what we don’t want : with a CAS latency of three clock cycles, you can certainly talk about a performance brake. Completely uncalled for. 333 MHz and CL 2.5, or better - CL 2.0, are readily doable these days.