Enthusiast 2.5" HDDs: Speed or Capacity?


Both new hard drives are direct results of perpendicular magnetic recording technology, which has experienced continuous development over the last two years. While conservative hard drive makers such as Western Digital did not immediately introduce PMR, everyone is finally using this technology today. So far, it has yielded 250-350 GB platters for 3.5" drives and 130+ GB per platter in the 2.5" formats, enabling 1+ TB 3.5" drives and 250 GB desktop drives such as the Samsung Spinpoint M5S.

The M5S top model is called HD250JI, spins at 5,400 RPM and outperforms almost every other 2.5" hard drive. Even better, it does so without requiring more energy than its direct competitors. Only 7,200 RPM drives such as the Fujitsu MHW2160BJ deliver quicker access times and better I/O performance, but in terms of data transfer performance the new Samsung drive is already very close. Both drives are backed by a three-year factory warranty.

Fujitsu shows better overall performance and quicker access times, while Samsung's drive offers 50% higher capacity and lower energy requirements. So, which one should the real enthusiast go for? If you're looking for maximum performance, there is no way around the MHW2160BJ, as it even surpasses Seagate's Momentus 7200.2 with higher transfer rates and better energy efficiency. For maximum performance for desktop replacement PCs, I'd go for the Fujitsu drive at this time, because additional storage can be added via external storage devices. The mobile user should rather go for the Samsung HM250JI, because it offers almost comparable performance, but has the capacity reserves you might need on the road Compare Prices on Notebook Hard Drives.

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