Squeezing Value Out of Lower-End Cards

Card Configurations

There are as many graphics cards makers from which to choose as there are model versions within a class of a graphics card. Some are feature rich or have faster memory, while others have inexpensive components and a price tag to match. To serve as a reference point, we used a $350 NVIDIA 7800 GT and the $550 NVIDIA 7800 GTX 512 to help make sense of where these cards fall into the grand scheme. The results are encouraging and even surprising. Included below is a chart of various GPU and memory configurations. This is by no means an exhaustive listing but it will give you an idea of the diversity of cards that exist in the marketplace.

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Row 0 - Cell 0 ChipMemoryDX GenerationChipclockMemoryclockMemory BuswidthPixel Pipelines
GeForce 7800 GTX 512G70512 MBDX 9.0c5501700256 bit24
GeForce 7800 GTXG70256 MBDX 9.0c4301200256 bit24
GeForce 7800 GTG70256 MBDX 9.0c4251000256 bit20
GeForce 6800 UltraNV45256 MBDX 9.0c4001100256 bit16
GeForce 6800 UltraNV45256 MBDX 9.0c3501000256 bit16
GeForce 6800NV45256 MBDX 9.0c325600256 bit12
GeForce 6800 GSNV45256 MBDX 9.0c4251000256 bit12
GeForce 6800 GTNV45256 MBDX 9.0c3501000256 bit16
GeForce 6800 XTNV45256 MBDX 9.0c350600256 bit8
GeForce 6600 LENV43256 MBDX 9.0c300500128 bit4
GeForce 6600 GTNV43128 MBDX 9.0c5001000128 bit8
GeForce 6600 DDR2NV43256 MBDX 9.0c500800128 bit8
GeForce 6600NV43128 MBDX 9.0c300550128 bit8
GeForce 6200NV43128 MBDX 9.0c300550128 bit4
GeForce 6200 TurboCache 64NV4464 MB+DX 9.0c35055064 bit4
GeForce 6200 TurboCache 32NV4432 MB+DX 9.0c35070064 bit4
GeForce 6200 TurboCache 16NV4416 MB+DX 9.0c35070032 bit4
GeForce 5900NV35128 MBDX 9375700256 bit8
GeForce 5750NV36128 MBDX 9425550128 bit4
ATI Cards
Row 21 - Cell 0 ChipMemoryDX GenerationChipclockMemoryclockMemory BuswidthPixel Pipelines
Radeon X1800 XTR520512 MBDX 9.0c6251500256 bit16
Radeon X1800 XLR520256 MBDX 9.0c5001000256 bit16
Radeon X1600 XTR530256 MBDX 9.0c5901380128 bit12
Radeon X1600R530256 MBDX 9.0c500780128 bit12
Radeon X1300 ProR515256 MBDX 9.0c600800128 bit4
Radeon X1300R515256 MBDX 9.0c450500128 bit4
Radeon X1300 HyperMemoryR51532 MB+DX 9.0c500780128 bit4
Radeon X850 XT PER480256 MBDX 9.0b5401180256 bit16
Radeon X850 XTR480256 MBDX 9.0b5201080256 bit16
Radeon X850 ProR480256 MBDX 9.0b5071040256 bit12
Radeon X800 XT PER423256 MBDX 9.0b5201120256 bit16
Radeon X800 XTR423256 MBDX 9.0b5001000256 bit16
Radeon X800 ProR423256 MBDX 9.0b475900256 bit12
Radeon X800 XLR430512 MBDX 9.0b4001000256 bit16
Radeon X800 XLR430256 MBDX 9.0b4001000256 bit16
Radeon X800 GTR480256 MBDX 9.0b475980256 bit8
Radeon X800 GTOR430256 MBDX 9.0b400980256 bit16
Radeon X800 GTOR423256 MBDX 9.0b400980256 bit12
Radeon X800 GTR480256 MBDX 9.0b475980256 bit12
Radeon X800R430256 MBDX 9.0b390700256 bit12
Radeon X700 ProRV410256 MBDX 9.0b425860128 bit8
Radeon X700 ProRV410128 MBDX 9.0b425860128 bit8
Radeon X700RV410128 MBDX 9.0b400700128 bit8
Radeon X600 XTRV380128 MBDX 9.0b500740128 bit4
Radeon X600 Pro 256RV380256 MBDX 9.0b400600128 bit4
Radeon X600 Pro 128RV380128 MBDX 9.0b400600128 bit4
Radeon X300RV370128 MBDX 9.0b325400128 bit4
Radeon X300 SERV370128 MBDX 9.0b32540064 bit4
Radeon X300 HyperMemoryRV37032 MB+DX 9.0b32560064 bit4