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Spring 2010 Solid State Drive Roundup, Part 1

Benchmark Results: Throughput, Streaming, 4K Testing, Interface

Intel’s X25-M owns read throughput. The Indilinx-powered SSDs follow closely. Toshiba's drive isn’t significantly behind, but its minimum read throughput sags compared to its peers. This is the price Toshiba pays for low power consumption.

Write throughput has never been an Intel strength. In fact, it’s the X25-M family's only real weakness. Still, weakness is a relative term. There is no conventional 2.5” hard drive capable of writing at a constant 82 MB/s or higher. Our other drives, however, reach 160 to 198 MB/s continuous write throughput with the exception of Toshiba's HG2, which drops to 108 MB/s.

Toshiba is strong in Iometer's streaming writes test. Even Solidata’s SLC memory shows strongly in this test.

Our interface test shows the maximum bandwidth for each SSD.