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Wiebetech ADA V4 Combo Adapters

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Although an adapter for UltraATA devices may not sound exciting in a storage market that is increasingly dominated by SATA, the Combo Dock v4 offers much enhanced connectivity if combined with the optional ADA v4 Combo Adapters. But fasten your seat belts; the box is priced at $749, which is off the scale.

It still includes as many as seven different adapters that can be used to hook up virtually any ATA or ATA-related interface format to the Combo Dock v4, but this feature does not justify such a hefty price tag. The kit includes the following adapters:

  • UltraATA to high density IDE (2.5" IDE)
  • UltraATA to PC Card
  • UltraATA to Toshiba 1.8"
  • UltraATA to Hitachi 1.8" ZIF
  • UltraATA to 1" Micro Drive
  • UltraATA to Serial ATA
  • UltraATA to CompactFlash (CF or DOM - Disc on Module)

We tried all of them, and they worked well, but the V4 Combo Adapters and the ADA v4 kit together cost as much as $900. For this price, you can easily buy a mainstream desktop PC along with all the adapters you will ever need. The only issue could be adapter availability, as it is typically difficult to source adapters for 1.8" hard drives, for example. I'm sure many enthusiasts, computer stores or system administrators would highly appreciate it - but not at the current price point.