Storage Giant: Seagate's Barracuda 180

Access Time

Compared to these performance-drives, the Barracuda 180 does not stand a chance. Obviously the 'slow' rotation speed of 7,200 rpm has quite an impact on the rotational latency, resulting in longer access time. However, the result is still quite good if you compare it to current IDE drives. Our reference drive, the IBM DeskStar 75GXP (see Test Setup), is only slightly better, while most 7,200 IDE drives lag behind.

Drive Temperature

In terms of temperature, the Barracuda 180 with its 12 platters is not the ideal setup, as the additional platters help to accumulate heat. Therefore, the drive warmed up to 51 degrees Centigrade. This result is still acceptable, but shows the impact of the extra capacity on the thermal profile of the drive. The Fujitsu drive runs at 10,000 rpm, and yet it does not get hotter than the Barracuda.