Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar: The Luxury Joystick!

Foxy Cougar Edition, The Programming Software

Since the programming and macro files are in text format, you can easily create or modify them using a simple text editor. The Foxy programming software offers heaps of options and aims to help you at every level of expertise for programming the Cougar. In addition to editors for the programming and macro files, which are the basic Foxy tools, the software offers a series of utilities that help you create and test your files.

There is Korgy, for example, which helps you create your macro files more easily by associating the correct key sequence with each name, thanks to a GUI. It even makes it possible for you to program directly, if you don’t want to use macros. Using a GUI to create files will enable you to produce a command file for the whole Cougar device. Even if these utilities are quite difficult to access for the beginner, they have the advantage of avoiding the inevitable syntax errors that occur when files are output directly in text mode.

Nor is this the full range of Foxy Cougar Edition features. The software also provides numerous additional utilities that make it possible to calibrate and test the HOTAS Cougar in all its configurations. To summarize, Foxy has a lot of bells and whistles, and requires many hours of practice before it can be mastered, but you will have to do spend the time if you want to get the best out of all that the HOTAS Cougar has to offer.