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It's Time to Welcome Tom's $10,000 PC!

Go And Get It!

"Wow!" That is the best reaction one could have to what we have seen in the $10,000 PC from Kelt Reeves and his crew at Falcon Northwest. While we can't keep the system ourselves, we are pleased that something so breathtaking - in terms of both esthetics and performance - will soon be in the hands of one of our readers. We hope that whoever wins the system will be as excited about the system as we are!

This system is the fastest we have ever tested; the scores show that it is more than just a pretty face. It has everything it takes to own your opponents in games, get work done, and make the jaws of your friends hit the floor over and over. This system incorporates the best hardware available into one kick-butt system, and is up for grabs... so get registered today.

Curious Now? Configure Your Own $10k PC!

Still don't believe that the machine is worth $10,000? It is actually over $11,000. Feel free to check out the Falcon Northwest website and configure one of these beasts yourself. The only thing you cannot get is the Tom's Hardware 10th anniversary design - sorry, that's what makes our system truly one of a kind!

slide show Tom's $10,000 PC!

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