New Toshiba SATA Drives Lack Performance Increase

GSX Series Technical Data

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ModelToshiba MK1032GSXToshiba MK4032GSX
Capacity95,394 MB38,154 MB
Rotation Speed5,400 RPM5,400 RPM
Seek Time12 ms12 ms
Cache16 MB8 MB
Weight (g)98 g97 g
Warranty2 years2 years

The technical data of Toshiba's new drives does not appear very different from the UltraATA versions, with the exception of the interface information. The high capacity model (MK1032GSX) is equipped with a whopping 16 MB cache memory, intended to keep performance at the highest levels. Toshiba, by the way, was the first hard drive maker to introduce 16 MB buffers to the notebook drive space, back in 2002.

Offering 83 gigabits per square inch, Toshiba is at a nice level of storage density by today's standards. All the current drives come with fluid dynamic bearings (FDB), offering low noise operation and a rather long life cycle.