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Asus Transformer Pad TF300T Review: Tegra 3, More Affordable

The Transformer Pad TF300T's GPS Works!

Disable WiFi Location Service

Last week's Transformer Prime TF201 review mentioned that the tablet had a problem with its embedded GPS feature in that it didn't work. Eager to rectify its issue, Asus attempted to resolve the Prime's malfunctioning GPS by offering its customers a free dongle, though that requires attaching a big piece of hardware externally whenever an application needs geolocation information. It's possible that the TF201's misbehaving GPS played a role in the company's decision switch from an aluminum chassis to plastic, but Asus isn't talking.

Fortunately, the Transformer Pad's GPS works just fine. Running GPS Test reveals no problems, and Google Maps finds and correctly reports our location using GPS satellites. Asus apparently learned from its Transformer Prime TF201 implementation, and we can happily report that GPS signal reception is no longer a problem.