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Asus Transformer Pad TF300T Review: Tegra 3, More Affordable

Docking Station Disassembly Details

Two Hex Screws, and Four Philips Under Rubber Feet

We've seen several different docking station mods, including home-built auxiliary antennas within the docking station to improve signal reception and internal hard drives to boost storage capacity.

Disassembling the Transformer Pad TF300T's docking station is easy, though slight differences compared to past models require us to get a little more specific.

1. Unscrew the two hex-head screws and four Philips-head screws (under rubber feet) on the bottom of the docking station.

2. Use your fingernails or a flat-head screwdriver to separate the top and bottom portions of the case from the area near the docking slot.

Aluminum Bar To Help Weigh Down Front Of Docking Station

3. Use a plastic tool to separate the case near the touchpad area (there are three nuts with “tension-teeth” securing the top of the case to the bottom). You do need to apply some force, as the top and bottom sections are quite difficult to pry apart. A loud popping noise indicates that the teeth have released and popped out of their sockets.

The hard part is putting the docking station back together. Because the teeth on the nuts are secured to the inside of the sockets using some sort of hard resin, tightly sealing the gap between the top and bottom parts of the case necessitates some kind of adhesive during reassembly. We recommend using some sort of adhesive that facilitates subsequent disassembly and reassembly without damage, like rubber cement, perhaps?