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ViewSonic VP930 LCD Monitor: The New Champion?


The equipment and connectivity are very professional too. The VP930 doesn't go for needless bells and whistles; the monitor has dual VGA and DVI connectivity, like the VP191b. It would have been nice to include a little USB hub, especially at this price, but if the performance is there we won't complain.

We rate ergonomics on five points, including the adjustments you can make to the panel, the quality of the OSD, accessibility of the control buttons, and so forth.

Color Fidelity, As Promised

The VP930 passed our calibrator test with flying colors (pun intended!) Reproduction was faithful, with 94% of colors rated as perfect.

The results were comparable to the ones for the VP191b, shown below:

Recall that this graph shows the difference between the desired color shade and the one actually displayed.

  • If DeltaE >3, the color displayed is significantly different from the theoretical one, meaning that the difference will be perceptible to the viewer.
  • If DeltaE <2, LaCie considers the calibration a success, with a slight difference remaining, but one that will be all but undetectable to the user.
  • If DeltaE < 1, color fidelity is excellent.
ModelBlack spotWhite spotContrast
VP9300.3233.5778: 1