Vivo V10G ATX Case Review: Tempered Glass On The Cheap

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Benchmark Results & Conclusion

Comparison Cases

For comparison purposes, we used the Antec P110 Luce, the Riotoro CR500, and the Phanteks Eclipse P300 TG. The cases used for comparison are of similar sizes and feature mixtures, and all have tempered-glass side panels.

With the PC under full load, the temperatures on our budget quad-core Core i5-7500 processor, running at 3.8GHz, leveled off at 44° C over the ambient temperature of 25° C. GPU temperatures were high, despite the fact that the case has three 120mm intake fans. We believe this is due to the combination of the open-air style of cooler on our test GPU and the lack of an exhaust fan on the chassis. Although 59° C is not dangerously high, the Vivo's graphics-card temperatures were the highest among the cases in this comparison set.

Acoustics were good at idle, registering just 32.4dBA. We were a bit surprised that, once we cranked things up and the system was under full load, the sound level increased by only a few dBA. The downside: Even though the chassis produced a relatively low 35.6dBA under load, the case rattled.

In terms of acoustic efficiency, the Vivo V10G and the Phanteks Eclipse P300 come in neck-and-neck.

The Vivo V10G's low current street price makes this chassis look like a better deal than it actually is. In reality, this case's middle-of-the-pack thermal and acoustic performance, coupled with its lack of features, its limited liquid-cooling options, and the decades-old design, make it a poor value overall.

We really wanted to like the V10G but, in the end, we can't give it a thumbs-up. That doesn't mean there isn't an audience for a case like this. If you were buying in bulk to build low-cost PCs for an internet cafe or similar scenario, an entry-level chassis with tempered-glass side panels like this might be just what you are looking for. Discriminating DIY-ers, though? Not so much.

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  • gosubuilder
    20954065 said:
    Vivo brings a bit of bling with the tempered-glass panel of its inexpensive V10G. Is it the DIY chassis value you've been seeking?

    Vivo V10G ATX Case Review: Tempered Glass On The Cheap : Read more

    spend a lil more, and get S340 elite for $69.99
  • jcwbnimble
    You compared this to the Phanteks P300, which is the same price but has far more modern features. If you absolutely are stuck at $60 for your case expenditure, then go with the Phanteks.

    Basically the Vivo is your Dad's old computer case with tempered glass. It's like putting 20" wheels on '77 Grand Prix; Old design, no modern features, and just plain FUGLY!
  • Co BIY
    I think that case reviews need to cover the quality of the switches.

    My current case is a major brand nice case that I picked based on favorable reviews but the switches are horrible. They really belong on a $10 harbor freight angle grinder but at least a cheap power tool has rough vibration and terrible noise to let you know the switch has been flipped.

    My other computer is a gutless big box HP desktop but it has great switch. It has tactile feed back and positive action with subtle illumination.
  • lanceperez94
    I got an Armageddon Nanotron T1x matx case for $32.. looks better than this. (nzxt phantom ripoff)..
    It may not have measured up as well as we'd hoped, but we greatly appreciate the Steven's honesty with the review! If it weren't for honest reviews like this, manufacturers like us wouldn't be able to improve. So, thanks again for the review!

    Considering the cooling performance is about as good as some of those others that are $30 to $40 more, we did get at least one thing right with this case. :)
  • funnydavid99
    i would just buy something else, not worth the price.
  • zodiacfml
    This is fraud. In my country, we have a similar case design but with a modern interior around 45 USD
    20965610 said:
    This is fraud. In my country, we have a similar case design but with a modern interior around 45 USD

    If we were based in another country, we might be able to sell this case for $45 or lower.