WD1500AD Raptor X-Tends Performance Lead

SYSmark 2004 SE Application Benchmark

In order to show the Raptor's advantage in everyday work with your computer, we decided to compare it to our RAID 0 setup using the application benchmark suite SYSmark 2004 SE. This program runs various popular application and simulates actual user input in order to measure performance. It's quite amazing to see that the new Raptor easily beats the RAID 0 array here.

Temperature Measurement

Although the new Raptor spins considerably faster that its competitors, the WD1500 did not really get warmer than the 7,200 RPM drives. This is impressive proof of the advances that have been made in reducing friction and increasing the efficiency of heat dissipation.

  • MacSH
    Two 7200 rpm drives in raid0? Bah, I'll take my two raptors in a raid0 any day ... Holy lack of bottlenecks, Batman!