WD1500AD Raptor X-Tends Performance Lead

WD1500AD/Raptor-X Technical Data

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ManufacturerWestern Digital
ModelRaptor WD1500AD and Raptor-X
Capacity150 GB
Rotation10,000 RPM
Design2 Platters, 4 Heads
Cache16 MB SDRAM
InterfaceSerial ATA/150, 1.5 GBit/s, Native Command Queuing
Avg. Access Time4.6 ms read, 5.2 ms write
Weight1.81 lbs (822 g)
MSRP$ 349.99 (Raptor-X) or $ 299.99 (Raptor)
Warranty5 years

Is The Raptor The Drive For You? Check Out The Tom's Hardware HDD Charts!

If you are going to spend $ 300 on a hard drive, you might ask yourself whether the money wouldn't be invested better in buying a 400-500 GB hard drive running at 7200 RPM. Up to three times the storage capacity certainly is an argument that is worth considering, since the new Raptor looks pretty bad in terms of costs per gigabyte.

To allow you to check the best price/performance ratios based on real time pricing information by TG Stores, we have put together the HDD Charts. These include all the hard drives that have been tested on our reference system. So far, we have approximately 30 drives, both current models and older drives, and the number is going to increase with every hard drive review that hits the storage guide.

The HDD Charts are interactive, which means that you can select two hard drives and choose your favorite benchmark discipline, or criteria such as costs per gigabyte or price/performance. Click here to get to the HDD Charts page.

  • MacSH
    Two 7200 rpm drives in raid0? Bah, I'll take my two raptors in a raid0 any day ... Holy lack of bottlenecks, Batman!