Everything There Is To Know About the Xbox: Technology, Games, Accessories and What's At Stake

The Controller

Let's talk about the input. There too, Microsoft could not refrain itself to foolishly locking up the system. While the PS2 has standard USB connections, the Xbox uses a proprietary connector and a different voltage, while the rest is USB.

Things being what they are, the electrical charges are explained by the vibration motors that need to be powered. Be that as it may, the port is proprietary and that's that.

But it is well conceived. There is a second mini-DIN type jack at about 8 inches from the jack. It's a brilliant stroke of inspiration. If you are irritated because you have just lost for the 328th time, you pull brusquely on the controller, and the jack disconnects itself. At the same time, you avoid messing up the jack of the console and knocking over the console, a situation that would not be appreciated at all by the disk. Moreover, you have four original controller ports (two on the PS2).

The original controller has been a subject of controversy. The typical comment is that it's ugly and way too big. We let you be the judge of aesthetics!

On the other hand, the ergonomics is absolutely perfect, if you don't have small hands. First of all, the location of the two analog joysticks is well thought out. They can be easily operated with the two thumbs, and their excellent progressiveness proved to be better than on the PS2 pad. The digital direction pad with its cavities and its bumps is as good. The two triggers are also analog, which will be a plus for all the automotive games. There too, the superiority over the PS2 pad is obvious. The four color buttons are perfectly identifiable and accessible. As for the other two, like the Start and the Back buttons, they are less identifiable and accessible. All in all, this controller is a real success and is very suitable for the piloting and for the First Person Shooter. Moreover, the vibration system is much better than the PS2 Dual Shock. The vibrations are powerful and subtle at the same time, and they can recreate surfaces and shocks. We get closer to the true comeback on PC: excellent. Finally, the cable is for once very long (about 9.8 feet) which allows you to play comfortably on the sofa.

  • wow nice but i think xbox will always stand on the cool chart and it's ultra easy but thing is i will try to buy rights and stuff from Microsoft of the original xbox so i can work on it to help give it improvements to it gui plus concidering i do own one xbox myself i think it does need a tune up !