Everything There Is To Know About the Xbox: Technology, Games, Accessories and What's At Stake

Gamester Pro Racer

I am also compelled to talk to you about a little accessory that is frankly too funny. It's a mini steering wheel that you hold in your hand and is intended for car games. You'll find the cross and buttons for easy navigation through the menus. To turn, the left part of the steering wheel pivots on its axis. The clearance is a little limited, and it takes some time to be precise in the games. All in all, I'm not sure what one gains from this as compared to a classical pad. The acceleration is handled through two classic triggers. The efficiency isn't perhaps optimal, but the Pro Racer is really too cute. $30 is a tidy sum, however, for an accessory that's a little trivial.

Thrustmaster 360 Modena Or Nascar Pro Victory

Thrustmaster offers undeniable expertise when it comes to steering wheels for the PC. The Xbox steering wheel recaptures the Ferrari style in Europe and the Nascar style in the United States. It's small, so it stores easily. It's easily anchored to the table using a lever system that holds it firmly in place. An accessory provided allows you to secure it under your knees on the couch, and, for once, the system was well thought out.

The pedal board resembles a real one, but you can pass on it because two more levers, in addition to those used for shifting, can control acceleration and braking analogically. Of course, the reproduction is better with the pedals, which are ergonomic and precise with a clearance that's steady enough and long enough. The steering wheel is not equipped with a very pleasant covering, but the handholds are good, with one exception. The placement for your thumbs is too narrow, and it's painful to use. So you have to hold in another way. It's shocking that the designers let that slide. The steering wheel, on the other hand, has exemplary precision with the correct drawback spring. The pad's buttons and cross will be recaptured to facilitate navigation of the menus. You have the option of adjusting the steering wheel's sensitivity and changing the buttons or the axes based on the games. The vibrations are reproduced well, but, as with all non-supplied steering wheels, they are a little weak. In summary, this steering wheel is precise and well designed, if you overlook the materials and the thumb's ergonomic problem. However, the $60 price tag is still rather high.

  • wow nice but i think xbox will always stand on the cool chart and it's ultra easy but thing is i will try to buy rights and stuff from Microsoft of the original xbox so i can work on it to help give it improvements to it gui plus concidering i do own one xbox myself i think it does need a tune up !