20" LCD Monitors: XXL Displays

Careful Adjustment

The VX922 had what seemed to be quickie factory adjustments, to the point that the quality of the monitor's color rendering depended more on the user's virtuosity with the adjustments than on the manufacturer's technical competence. It looks as if somebody out there was listening to our constructive criticism! This panel's default adjustments were very good. While the sRGB mode was a little cold, the 6500 K adjustment was all but perfect! 

In a word, it's magnificent: 98% of the colors were perfect, and 100% were good!

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.46280608: 1

The contrast as measured was excellent. In absolute terms, 0.46 nits isn't extraordinary, but it has to be put in perspective with the panel brightness reading of 280 nits. On the one hand, while the contrast was admirable, the brightness was too high for office applications.

Not surprisingly, the monitor produced optimum results at between 75 and 100% brightness. But the contrast was very stable throughout the brightness range.

We measured the ViewSonic's color space. Here again there were no surprises - the curve on the left confirms the results we got with the LaCie calibrator, while the curve on the right shows that the colorimetry meets the standards.