20" LCD Monitors: XXL Displays

Final Verdict

If we had to name a winner among these competitors, given the unavailability of monitors from certain leading European makers in the US, it would have to be the ViewSonic VX2025WM. It's the monitor that is best suited to multiple uses. It performs decently with video games, it has good color rendering, and most of all it can display a movie reasonably well. It's not perfect, but it's the best 20" Wide monitor in the pack, and it's the one we'd recommend in that size.

The NEC 20GX2 is an interesting alternative. It's by far the most responsive monitor in the group, and the "gloss" rendering is a natural with games that are rich in color. But that's all. It's a pure gamer's monitor, and that's how it should be judged.

In the final analysis, we have to say that the video performance of 16:10 monitors still falls short. Progress has been made in that area, but they're still far from what the best of the current crop of 19" monitors can do - especially the ViewSonic VP930.

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