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Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Ti AMP Extreme Review

Temperatures, Clock Rates & Overclocking


Neither Zotac's software-based one-click overclocking feature nor our manual attempts with different tools were able to push this card beyond the limits imposed on all manufacturers. With a power target of 140%, the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti AMP Extreme consumed just under 230W, with voltage identified as the limiting factor. Our sample's GPU frequency stabilized at +180 MHz, and its memory was good for an extra +150 MHz.

Temperatures & Clock Frequencies

The following table includes starting and end values for our temperature and GPU Boost clock rates.

Start ValueEnd Value
Open Test Bench
GPU Temperature29°C53°C
GPU Frequency1860 MHz1784 MHz
Ambient Temperature22°C22°C
Closed Case
GPU Temperature30°C57°C
GPU Frequency1974 MHz1784 MHz
In-Case Temperature22°C40°C
OC (Open Test Bench)
GPU Temperature (~2530 RPM)29°C47°C
GPU Frequency2101 MHz2088 MHz
Ambient Temperature22°C22°C

Temperatures vs. Frequency

Here's a closer look at the data over 15 minutes, during our sample's warm-up phase.

Image 1 of 2

Image 2 of 2

IR Image Analysis Of The Board's Back

Our infrared measurements show that the board's back side remains relatively cool during the gaming benchmark on an open test bench, since Zotac serves up plenty of airflow.

The same applies when we drop the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti AMP Extreme into a closed case. We measure about three degrees higher, on average.

Even when we overclock as aggressively as possible in a closed case, leave Zotac's fan curve alone, and observe power consumption in the 228W range, there's still plenty of airflow to keep this card cool.

During our stress test, the thermal load shifts slightly toward the memory modules and their power supply. However, the card generally stays about as cool as it was during our gaming benchmark.

Even in the closed case, temperatures don't increase by more than roughly three degrees.

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  • saunupe1911
    Man this whole TI crap is a gimmick. My ASUS Strix 1070 maxes out at 2100 and sits stable at 2050 to 2080 during gaming. I don't understand this at all.
  • BaRoMeTrIc
    At 529 it makes absolutely ZERO sense to buy a 1070 Ti. I bought my Strix 1080 OC a month ago for 549 after rebates. If NvIDIA were to price the Ti at 400 and drop the 1070 to 349-359 then the Ti would make sense. But when you can get a 1080 for 10-20 bucks more why would you get a Ti?
  • matthew_258
    it`s just a 1080...nothing wrong with that except it should be 400$
  • photonboy
    ZOTAC continues to be unable to create an efficient cooler or even setup a custom fan profile.

    The GTX1070Ti is up to 10% slower than a similar GTX1080 (when the slower 1070Ti memory bottlenecks especially), and with the requirement to run the OC software at all times the 1070Ti only makes sense if the value is there.

    You also need to consider that it's the TOTAL PC COST (including monitor, games too) you should be comparing to determine value as $50 more for a GTX1080 on a $2000 PC investment is 2.5% of the cost so if you get an average of 5% or more FPS gain it may be worth it.

    What's NOT worth it is to spend almost the same or even more than the cost of a GTX1080 that performs better and may be QUIETER to boot.
  • Joacko_1990,5388-3.html
    Why are you still using an old version of destiny 2 here and on 64 nitro review since at high 4k settings nvidia get the gains again ? this happend on the old version due to a bug on one of the settings. That is truly stupid tomshardware you should be unbiased.
  • FormatC
    Think first, then write...

    The original review was published in German, weeks ago. And the gaming results are, to be honest, more or less secondary. To be comparable between all this 1070 Ti's we also need a frozen system to check each card under the same condtitions (I've tested so far six cards). And it is NOT a Vega vs. Ti review, but a tech analysis of a single VGA card. Not less and not more.