CES 2024 Day 1: Many monitors, easy RGB, and a vibrating seat cushion

CES sign
(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Remember that old cliché that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Well, that's nonsense, as we've been bringing everything from CES 2024 straight to you. No secrets here!

Today, the show floor opened in earnest, giving us access to plenty of more components, cases, even more laptops (that's right — yesterday's onslaught of systems wasn't enough), storage, and plenty of other tech.

Here's what we saw today:

Keeping an eye on monitors

Asus ZenScreen Fold OLED

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

We saw screens of all kinds today, from speedy OLED gaming panels to foldable portable monitors. There's even a new standard for monitor cables! Who says CES doesn't get in the weeds?

The weird stuff

Cooler Master Shark X

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Look, I can tell you about more PCs we saw (and I will, below!). I could also link you to  a story about a seat cushion that rumbles your butt when you play video games.

More PCs? Always more PCs


(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

With new mobile chips from both AMD and Intel, it's no surprise we're seeing so many new systems and refreshes. We saw a ton yesterday, and some more popped up today. 

Fast mice, easy RGB, and more:

A photo of Hyte's open-air Nexus Link Ecosystem setup at CES 2024.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

There's plenty more coming from the show floor. We saw Cherry move into some really fast gaming mice (with an odd charging port), as well as impressive RGB from Hyte, that looks to make building a breeze. Here's the rest for today:

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