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Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Coming September

Battlefield 3 is expensive.

Well, Battlefield 3 is expensive if you feel like getting your hands on the whole package. With each DLC pack running you $15 apiece and five DLC planned in total, getting your hands on Battlefield: Premium, which contains all DLC, for $40 almost seems like a deal.

To those who haven't picked up Battlefield 3, EA's finally made your wait worth your while. With Battlefield 4 confirmed and on the horizon, the appeal of Battlefield 3 is beginning to dissipate. No doubt to generate renewed interest and pick up sales, EA's announced Battlefield 3: Premium Edition for $69.99. Buyers will gain access to the premium service for a little less.

Not enough to entice you? EA is also throwing in a "Multiplayer Head Start Kit", which includes "15 different weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades", presumably so you won't feel too behind playing at Rank 1 while everyone else astronomically ahead of you in levels.

Battlefield 3: Premium Edition will be hitting Xbox 360, PS3, and PC this September, and is already available for preorder.