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Seagate Rolls Out 4 TB HDD for Video Storage

Seagate has announced its new video 3.5-inch lineup of HDDs available in capacities up to 4 TB. These drives are intended to be used in DVRs and set-top boxes, as well as surveillance systems and media centers. According to Seagate, the drives have been specifically engineered for three critical areas: capacity, reliability and acoustics. Seagate boasts an annual failure rate of just 0.55 percent.

"Leveraging Seagate's 10 years of experience understanding the requirements of the video market, we've combined our knowledge on heat, acoustics and power to deliver what we believe to be the most reliable DVR drive in the world," said Scott Horn, VP of marketing at Seagate. "Our commitment to deliver a drive with unrivaled reliability ensures the safekeeping of consumers' content as well as keeping DVRs, STBs, and surveillance systems in the field longer."

The drives will come in capacities ranging from 250 GB all the way up to 4 TB, and all these drives spin at 5900 RPM. Drives up to 2 TB in size have a SATA2 interface, while the 3 TB and 4 TB models have a newer SATA3 interface. So far there has been no word on pricing nor availability.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • purrcatian
    Back up your reliability claims with a warranty to match.
  • cats_Paw
    After i burned 4 Seagate HDDS in under 6 months (heavy use and a few power surges in summer), i switched to Samsung drives. 3 years working now, never had a problem with samsung drives.
    Sorry seagate, but your product quality is simply not good enought.
  • Rune Olsen
    Never getting Seagate drives again. Every single one i've had failed
  • My 2TB Barracuda is running solid, ignore these trolls, had it for over a year now under heavy use
  • squirrelboy
    they are the 0.55%, of course you wont get as many comments from people with working products
  • Spooderman
    My 5+ year barracuda 128 GB is still going, but I still wouldn't buy any more of their products.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    Whatever happened to those 5TB hard drives you said were going to be coming at the beginning of 2012, Seagate?
  • laststop311
    *yawn* seems like we have been stuck at 4TB capacity a long time where are the 1TB per platter 5 platter 5TB drives at?
  • laststop311
    wow almost same comment at the same time submitted thats freaky
  • drwho1
    I LOL at this: "Seagate has introduced some new hard drives specifically built for video storage and consumption"
    ... so we can eat it too? LOL
    in a more serious note I already use 4TB drives for Video (specifically TV shows).
    so... what really makes this drives "better" after all I just store my shows (I don't delete then) on and off all the time, so they should last for a very long time (I think) since there is no constant rewrites to the disk.