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EKWB Water Block Covers CPU, VRM on Asus Rampage IV Black

EKWB has announced its second ever all-in-one water block for a motherboard. It covers not only the motherboard's chipset and VRM circuitry, but also the installed CPU. While the previous water block of this type was for Asus' Maximus VI Impact, which is a tiny Mini-ITX motherboard, this block is for a motherboard on the other end of the high-end spectrum; it is for the Asus Rampage IV Black Edition. It'll be called the EK-FB ASUS R4BE Monoblock.

"After success with the EK-FB ASUS M6I, our first AIO water block for mITX form factor motherboard, we decided to try this approach on a full ATX size motherboard," said Niko Tivadar, EK-FB ASUS R4BE Monoblock main designer and product manager of EKWB. "ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard was an obvious choice. R4BE Monoblock provides sleek design with only two in- and out- water ports which greatly improves the functionality and reliability of the unit by removing the need to connect three separate water blocks with awkward 90° elbow fitting adapters."

As previously mentioned, the block covers all the critical heat-generating components on the motherboard, as well as the CPU. The block also has a high-flow design, meaning that it does not have a high hydraulic restriction, allowing it to be used in systems with weaker pumps or in longer, more complex loops with ease.

The water block will be sold in four different versions: two Acetal covered versions, one that has the original CSQ design; and two Plexiglas covered versions, again one that has the original CSQ design. All of the blocks are nickel-plated to protect against corrosion that would otherwise affect the bare copper block. Pricing for the blocks ranges from $225.98 to $232.93, with the units available immediately.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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